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Lunds Cathedral

A Romanesque style church built in 1145 that houses the famous 14 th-century astronomical clock that receives many visitors daily at noon (13:00 on Sundays and holidays) and 15:00.



The ancient capital of the Baltic sea where the Kalmar alliance was forged.

A small port town facing the Baltic sea where, in 1397, the Kalmar alliance was signed. The Kalmar Castle (Kalmar Slott) still stands. There is a bridge to the adjacent Öland Island, making Kalmar a hub for travelling.


Landskrona Castle (Citadellet Landskrona)

A castle built in 1549 located in Landskrona town between Malmö and Helsingbors. During the 19th and 20th centuries, it was used as a refugee camp and a womens' prison. There is a meeting room available.

Address: Citadellet, Landskrona

Tel: +46 418-44 82 50


Kalmar Castle Kalmar Slott

A renaissance style castle built by the sea where, in 1397, the Kalmar alliance was signed. It was originally built in the 12th century but due to a fire, the present castle is mostly 16th century. The inside is open to the public and a glamorous renaissance style interior can be seen.

Address: Kungsgatan 1

Tel: +46 480 451 490


Open hours: April May September, October 1st to 16th10:00 to 16:00 June and August 10:00 to 17:00 July 10:00 to 18:00 October 17th to 31st Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 15:30 December to March holidays 11:00 to 15:30

Torup Castle

15km south east of Malmö. A 16th century castle in the middle of the forest. The castle has vines entwined around its brick walls, towers and a moat, and the interior and art collections are beautiful.


Öland island

The island of Öland, located across a bridge from Kalmar, is a very narrow island only 4km in diameter. Öland island, which was used as a hunting ground for the royal family until the beginning of the 19th Century, has been called the"island of sun and wind" and is a very popular resort area for the Swedish people. Even now, due to the natural environment being protected, migrant birds come to rest here and bird watching can be enjoyed. To the south of the island are farm lands, and this area has been registered as a World Heritage Site. The inner northern area, like all resorts, has many restaurants and cottages. There is also the VIDA museum with displays of products from top designers of the Crystal Kingdom, and the handicraft gallery is very popular.


Stora torget Square

The city's centre square located to the east of the city hall. Built in the mid 16th century, it is said to be the largest square in Scandinavia. It is also the centre for shopping and is loved by the local people. In the centre is a statue of King Charles X Gustav (1622 to 1660), who bravely led the war against Denmark.

St. Petri Church (St. Petri Kyrka)

A red gothic style building built in the mid 14th century with an 88m high tower, located next to the city hall. A magnificent fresco painting can be fond inside along with a chapel built for traders during the Middle Ages.

Address: Göran Olsgatan 4A

Tel: +46 40-35 90 40

Fax: +46 40-35 90 44

Business hours: Monday to Friday8:00 to 18:00 Saturday and Sunday10:00 to 6pm

Admission fee: free

Malmö Castle (Malmöhus)

Located to the west of the city stands a renaissance style castle surrounded by greenery and a moat. Built in the 15th century, it is the oldest castle in Scandinavia. Parts of the castle are open to the public as museums.

Smaland Kingdom of Crystal

In the mid 18th century, with forestry in decline, this south-eastern district of Sweden needed to find a new industry to support its people. The glass works industry was born in Kosta, using firewood from the immense surrounding forests and water from the lakes. As the glass industry boomed and its wares distributed all over the world, the district soon came to be known as the Kingdom of Crystal. Authentic products can be bought at discount prices and there is, of course, the factory tour. There are 11 factories in all, and a few of them are introduced below. The access cities are Kalmar and Vaxjo

Address: 382 80 Nybro

Tel: +46 481 457 00


Access: An hour's flight by Scandinavia Air from Stockholm and Copenhagen to Växjö or Kalmar. A 3 and a half hour train ride from Stockholm.


Trollenas Castle

5km west of Eslov. Built at the end of the 14th century, it was renovated and extended in the 19th century. The exterior is in the renassance style while the interior is baroque. The English style gardens have a 12th century chapel.

Address: Trolleholm, Svaalöv

Tel: +46 413 773 70

Radisson SAS Hotel Malmo

Address: Ostergatan 10

Tel: +46 40-698 40 00

Fax: +46 40-698 40 01



Svaneholm Castle

A renaisance style castle along the E65 road. Built in 1530, it was renovated in the Venetian style in the 17th century. Houses a museum and the famous Svaneholms Gästgivargård restaurant, whose food has a great reputation (operates from April to December).

Address: Svaneholm, Skurup

Tel: +46 411 400 12


Smålands Museum

A provincial data museum, showing the history and culture of Smålands.

Address: Södra Järnvägsgatan

Tel: +46 470 704 200


Skåne District

The Skåne District located in the south of Sweden is a granary with tranquil pastoral hills. There are about 200 castles and mansions of the aristocracy within the beautiful green scenery. They are mostly privately owned but a few of the buildings and gardens are open to the public and a few are hotels. The ancient castles in the Skåne District are not as elaborate as other European castles but the way they blend with the rural scenery is quite picturesque.

Please refer to the Skåne District tourist information web site for more details.


Lunds University

Founded in 1666. The Lunds University opened for classes in 1668 and is a university with many foreign exchange students. It owns the largest amount of books and documents in Sweden with 4 libraries and about 3.5 million books.

Address: Sandgatan 3

Tel: +46 46 222 00 00



Kalmar County Museum

Opened in 1987, this museum displays many features of local culture. The biggest highlight is the war ship "Kronan" that was sunk on the reefs of Oland in the 1676 war against the Danish and German union.

Address: Skeppsbrogatan 51

Tel: +46 480 451 300



Sofiero Castle

Located 3km north of Helsingborg, it was built in 1865 by Prince Oskar for his wife, Sophia, in 1865. In 1905 it was given to King Gustaf VI Adolf as a wedding present and has been used since as a summer castle by the royal family. Roses, herbs and the collection of 500 different species of Forget-Me-Nots are definitely worth seeing.


Bosjökloster monastery

North 30km via route 23 from Lunds, 7km south from Höör. A 12th century Benedict monastery with beautiful rose and herb gardens, and a 1000 year old oak tree.



Familiar for its simple cobalt blue rimmed designs and colourful reindeer paintings.

Address: 360 51 Hovmantorp

Tel: +46 478 180 30



Sweden's third major city has prospered thanks to its role as major area of trade. It is southern Sweden's largest town with 270, 000 people and is located adjacent the Øresund Strait. From a historical point of view, it has proved to be an important area in both trade and defence. Stone structures from the Middle Ages, such as Malmö castle (Malmö hus), are still standing, and the city is full of history and sightseeing spots.

With the opening of the Øresund Bridge connecting the area with neighbouring Demark, it is expected to become an even more important point for transportation.

Glass Factory-Orrefors

Familiar for its simple cobalt blue rimmed designs and colourful reindeer paintings.

Address: 380 40 Orrefors

Tel: +46 481 341 95



The home of Astrid Lindgren.

This is the town where Astrid Lindgrens grew up in. She is a Swedish children's book writer known for the works of "Pippi Longstocking"and "Lotta". Vimmerby is an old town with colourful houses.


Hotel Scandic Hotel Sct. Jorgen

A member of the high-class Scandic Hotel chain, with a modern structure and interior.

Address: Stora Nygatan 35

Tel: +46 40-693 46 00

Fax: +46 40-693 46 11



Lund southern region

A university town located 15 minutes from Malmö by train. The town is said to have been established in 990. In 1666, with the founding of Lund University, this town became a centre of education in Europe in the Middle Ages.


Tropical Zoo Tropisk akvarium

Adress: Malmöhusvägen

Tel: +46 40-34 44 37

Business hours: September to May 12:00 to 16:00 July - 10:00 to 16:00

Closing days: none

Admission fee: 40kr(common for museums within Malmo castle, Art Museum and Technical Ocean Museum (Teknikens och Sjofarts Hus)

City Museum Stadshuset

Many of the area's traditional style textiles, clothing and handicrafts are on display together with a history corner of Malmo.

Kulturhistoriska open air museum

Apart from the collection of 30 farm houses and manner houses from southern Sweden, pottery, glass, silverware and textiles are on exhibit.

Address: Tegnérsplatsen

Tel: +46 46 350 400


Art Museum Konstmuseet

Displays the traditional furniture-craft from the Middle Ages through to the works of contemporary artists.

Backaskog Castle

Built as a monastery in 1250, it was rebuilt in 1537 as a stronghold. King Karl 15th was especially fond of this castle. It has beautiful gardens and a hotel equipped with a meeting room.


Glass Factory-Kosta

Sweden's oldest Glass Factory. There is an exhibition room (open from April to September) and restaurants. In summertime, the "Hyttsillsafton" is held. The heat from the glass-melting furnace is used to cook sill (salted herring), potatoes, sausages and cakes for a great feast. Very popular among tourists.

Address: 360 52 Kosta

Tel: +46 478 345 00


Natural History Museum / Aquarium Naturmuseet

Stuffed animals, plants and geological models from not only Sweden but also from around the world are on display.

Lilla torget Square

Meaning "little Square"in Swedish, it is located next to the south west corner of Stora torget Square. It used to be the central market area, and the Malmö market is currently still on the other side. Also, this area used to be the handicraft centre for shoes, leather and other products, which can be seen in the city scenery.


Glimmingehus Castle

South west 10km from Simrishamn. Built between 1499 and 1505, this is one of Scandinavia's best preserved castles. There is a museum and a cafeteria available.


Ovedskloster Castle

About 10km north of Sjöbo. A gustavian style castle built in 1761. There is a cafeteria available.

Address: Ovedskloster, Sjöbo

Tel: +46 46-630 02


Glass factories were not only places of work but also served as social centres for meetings, debates and more festive activities like singing. It was customary in these instances to bake sill (herring) after work using the leftover heat from the furnace (hytt). Some glass factories host "Hyttsillsafton", where you can experience this tradition. Apart from sill, the menu includes Småland's specialty sausages, baked potatoes, beer, mineral water, cheese cake, coffee and tea.