Sights & Attractions


Sights & Attractions


Elk safari in Laukkuluspa

Go on a snowmobile tour in the wilderness of Kiruna, northern Sweden. Drive along the Kalix River towards the majestic mountains and experience unique national animals such as reindeer and elk. Lunch will be cooked over an open fire in a Sami tent. Trip available: Dec 2007 – April 2008 (daily departures)

Tel: +46(0)980-105 30. Mobile: +46(0)70-559 39 50



Ski in Riksgränsen

Riksgränsen is the most northly ski resort in Europe offering a wide range of off piste skiing for beginners as well as professionals. Because of its location above the Arctic Circle you can enjoy summer skiing in the light of the midnight sun until the end of June.

Lifts: 6

Slopes: 17

Longest slope: 2 km

Access: 3 hours by plane and 18 hours by train from Stockholm

Tel: +46 980 400 80



The ICEHOTEL is for the eighteenth year (2007) taking form in the little village Jukkasjärvi. Each year a new embodiment of the world famous hotel is created. Thanks to visiting artists and creators from around the globe ICEHOTEL is a unique place to visit year to year. The hotel offers restaurants for the one seeking to indulge in the local cuisine, activities for the adventurous and even possibilities to marry, for people who seek an unforgettable way to say “I do”


Live with the Sami

If you are seeking a cultural experience out of the ordinary, discover the Sami, one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Visit the northern parts of Scandinavia and stay with the Sami people. Eat a traditional meal, learn about their culture, stay in their traditional huts and experience life as never before. Why not compete with your friends in a reindeer race or go on a guided hiking tour in the snow?



A resort where you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Located almost in the centre of Lapland. They have a variety of trails that a lot of Alpine Ski National team uses for training before the start of their season.

Access: One flight a day from Stockholm. 2 hours flight. 15 minutes taxi ride from Gällivare ariport.



In the Lapland region in the far north of Sweden, you can find the most vast, dramatic and spectacular untamed wilderness areas that Europe has to offer.


The town's history dates back to the 17th century, and it prospered in iron-ore transportation and steel industry with the discovery of the Kiruna ore deposit in 1906. It is known more recently as the entrance to Lapland. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Gammelstad"(the old town) still bears original structures from the town that grew from the building of the church in 1649. You can't miss the Norrbotten museum which shows the history of the people and their lifestyle.

Access: By air, there are a few flights a day from Stockholm. 1 hour 15 minute flight. If you use the x2000 from Stockholm it takes 12 hours, 3 trains per day.



A town contributing to Sweden's steel industry. Kiruna is close to the arctic Lapland area. The city thrives off of the steel industry, mining the finest iron ore. The "Midnight Sun", where the sun doesn't go down all day, is visible from the end of May until mid July, and the mystical Aurora can be seen between September and early April. Sweden's Royal Space Physics Laboratory, famous for its study of the Aurora is located here.

Access: One or two flights per day from Stockholm. 1 hour 35 minutes flight. It takes 16 hours 10 minutes by rail from Stockholm.



The Ofot Line

Ofot Line opened as a transportation railroad for iron-ore from Norway to Narvik port during the mid 19th century when mining started in Gällivare and Kiruna. Presently, it is operated as a passenger railroad and is the main means of transportation between Kiruna and Narvik. It is popular for the dynamic scenery of the large lakes, Abisko National Park and the cliffs of Rombaksfjord