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A popular tourist village centred around the Saame people. The village is located 15km inside the arctic boundaries. Most of the Lapland area belongs to the Jokkmokk district, where the Saame people have grazed their reindeer for centuries. This area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its dynamic natural environment, precious animals, such as brown bears and lynx, and, of course, for the Saame culture and relics. The Ajtte Museum introduces the life and hunting history of the Saame people, which is a must see. A Saame festival is hosted every year in early February. You can enjoy hiking, canoeing, dog sledding and other outdoor activities all year round.

Access: By bus, 3 hours bus ride from Lulea or 1 hour by bus from Gällivare airport.



The Saame village famous for its ice hotel. 17km east of Kiruna, a village located along the river where for 400 years the Saame people have operated their market. The ice hotel and ice art museum are located here. In the open-air museum, you can observe the lifestyle and culture of the ancient Saame people. There is a church built in 1608 in the heart of the village. Outdoor activities and Aurora watching is popular.

Access: 15 minute drive from Kiruna


The town's history dates back to the 17th century, and it prospered in iron-ore transportation and steel industry with the discovery of the Kiruna ore deposit in 1906. It is known more recently as the entrance to Lapland. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Gammelstad"(the old town) still bears original structures from the town that grew from the building of the church in 1649. You can't miss the Norrbotten museum which shows the history of the people and their lifestyle.

Access: By air, there are a few flights a day from Stockholm. 1 hour 15 minute flight. If you use the x2000 from Stockholm it takes 12 hours, 3 trains per day.


Sven Honell Gallery

Displays the beauty and strength of nature through the works of photographer Sven Honell.

Address: Riksgränsvagen 10, 981 94 Riksgränsen

Tel: +46-980 431 11