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Longearbyen is the central town at Svalbard Islands and it is located on the largest island called Spitsbergen. Mining plays a major part of the community and you can even enjoy a mining guided tour. But Longyearbyen offers more exotic excursions than that such as glacier trekking, dog sledding, fjord cruising, hiking, skiing during the summer period, and snow mobile riding.

You can view the midnight sun between April 19 and August 23 and if you want to experience the period when the sun doesn’t rise you should visit this area between October 28 to February 14

Access: Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Tromsø to Longyearbyen by Scandinavian Airlines SAS. There are no roads connecting the islands so you will have to travel by plane.

Spitsbergen Hotel

The Spitsbergen Hotel is a comfortable hotel where you can get a feel for the history of Svalbard. It is located on the peak of Haugen, overlooking longyearbyen City, Longyear glacier, Longyeardalen canyon and Mt. Hiorthfjellet. At the hotel you can enjoy delicious meals in a relaxed atmosphere in the renewed Funktionærmessen restaurant, which will make your stay a delightful experience.

Address: P.O.Box 500, 9171 Longyearbyen

Tel: +47 79 02 62 00

Fax: +47 79 02 62 01


Radisson SAS Polar Hotel Spitsbergen

Hotel Spitsbergen is a modern, functional, and environmentally-friendly hotel opened in March 1995. It is located in the centre of Longyearbyen with a magnificent view of Isfjord's snow capped peaks. The stately Mt. Hiorthfjellet and Adventdalen Canyon are spread around the hotel. It offers high-standard service and great food. Dining at the hotel restaurant, Brasseri Nansen, you will enjoy your meal with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.

Address: P.O.Box 554, 9171 Longyearbyen

Tel: +47 79 02 34 50

Fax: +47 79 02 34 51



Svalbard Museum

At the Svalbard Museum you can learn about Svalbard's history, culture and the lives of the people living in Svalbard. The museum was renewed in 2006.

Address: Postbox 521, 9171 Longyearbyen

Tel: +47 79 021 384