Sights & Attractions


Sights & Attractions

Ski in Norefjell

Norway, the land of mountains, offers excellent ski resorts. ‘Norefjell’ is a good all-round ski resort, which is only located about 11/2h from Oslo. The terrain is suitable for all type of ski and snow lovers. Choose between country skiing, ‘telemark’, down hill skiing, snowboarding and sleigh rides. The winter season normally lasts from November until May.


Norwegian Oil Field Museum

The Nork Oljemuseum is an experience-based museum in the middle of the city of Stavanger where you can see undersea oil fields up close. This is a popular attraction for both children and adults.

Address: Kjeringholmen

Tel: +47 +47 93 93 00

Fax: +47 51 93 93 01



Telemark Canal

At the Telemark Canal you can travel past the rural areas on the dynamic Queen Victoria boat, which will take you through the Telemark Canal from the coastal area. The Telemark Canal received the Europe Nostra award for its restoration techniques and preservation abilities. Enjoy a serene boat ride through the canal while interacting with the friendly locals.


Sandefjord is small town in the south of Norway, located 120km from Oslo and 20km from Larvik. It was an important trading zone during the Viking period that supported entire generations with whale hunting. Today Sandefjord is home to Europe's only whale hunting museum where you can learn about the whale hunting around the world. The museum displays a life size model of the world’s largest whale, the blue whale. During summer, Norwegians from all parts of the country come to Sandefjord to live the good life by the sea. The coastline offers a wide variety of sandy beaches and islets. The Sandefjord Torp Airport is one of Oslo's international airports, and there is a bus that goes to Sandefjord Airport from Oslo City which takes approximately 2 hours.


Stavanger is Norway’s third largest metropolitan area and it is located on the south west coast of Norway. Stavanger has a great number of colourful wooden architectural structures and it is said to have the largest number of wooden houses in Europe. Its economy is driven by the North Sea oil fields. The principal sightseeing spots of this town include the Norwegian Oil Field Museum, Canned Goods Museum, and the cathedral. Two of the best day hikes in Norway are located a couple of hours out of town on the beautiful Lysefjorden. Not too far from Stavanger, alpine centres are ready for skiers and snowboarders throughout the winter season. You can travel with a high-speed boat from Bergen to Stavanger or to Lysefjord by bus or boat from Stavanger.

Access: Stavanger is accessible form Bergen by public bus or high-speed boat. It will take 6 hours by bus and 4 hours by boat.


Canned Goods Museum

This museum is the world's only canned goods museum in which you can experience the canning operation of the past, diverted from the remains of what was formerly an oil sardine factory.

Address: Øvre Strandgt 88A

Tel: +47 51 84 27 00

Fax: +47 51 84 27 01



Kristiansand is Norway's 5th major city. It is a beautiful city, offering rows of antique architectural structures that face the coastline. The most visited sightseeing spots are the town's symbol, Kristiansand Cathedral and the Christiansholm Fortress.

Access: By plane, it takes approximately 1hour from Oslo, and approximately 1 hour from Bergen. By train, it takes around 5hours from Oslo, and approximately 3 hours from Stavanger.

Stavanger Cathedral

The Stavanger Cathedral was erected in the 12th century by King Sigurd Jorsalfar immediately following the Viking era with an ancient Normandy-style architectural construction left unchanged from the past.

Address: Domkirkeplassen

Tel: +47 51 84 04 00



The Old City

The old city of Stavnager is the largest old city in Northern Europe where rows of well-preserved wooden houses can be found. Almost all houses were constructed between the 18th and 19th century, and you can experience what it was like back then.

Christiansand Cathedral

The Christiansand Domkirke as an impressive building that is worth a visit if you have a day to spare in Kristiansand.

Address: Kirkegt.

Tel: +47 38 10 77 50