Kingcrab Safari in Kirkines

Go on a Kingcrabsafari by snow mobile or by boat, and try ice-fishing in the Barents Sea near Kirkenes, in the far north of Norway. The king crab can grow to 2 metres and gain a weight of 15 kg, so you are guaranteed to see and taste the biggest and freshest crabs in the world! At the end of the trip you can eat fresh crabs for lunch in the restaurant near the fjord. URL



Northern Lights Tour

The Northern Lights Tour travels to Holmestrand Farm, located approximately 20 minutes from Tromsø by car. The tour offers a pick-up and drop-off service. After experiencing horse sledding, you will be served a warm soup and waffles inside a Sami tent, whilst waiting for the northern lights while listening to northern light legends and playing outside in the snow.

Tel: +47 77 61 99 74

Operation time: September to April

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Cross-Country Ski Tour

On this tour, the local guide will take you around a ski trail equipped with lighting that stretches vertically across Tromsø Island. You can experience beautiful sceneries of mountains and towns, and the pristine nature of its forest. A basic ski lesson from the guide makes it possible for beginners to participate.

Tel: +47 77 66 73 66



Visits to Norwegian Homes (Home Visits)

On this tour, a local guide will take you to a typical household in northern Norway. You can enjoy a pleasant chat in the front room over a coffee and homemade cake, and even be taken on a tour of the house.

Operation time: Throughout the year

Duration: 2 hours

Dog Sledding

This is a tour that is part of the Open-Air Activity Centre, located approximately 30 minutes from Tromsø city. The tour offers a pick-up and drop off service at your own hotel where the guide will greet you at your hotel with 120 huskies. A rental service of cold-resistant clothing and shoes is also available. You can experience the vast nature by riding through mountains and valleys. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter a herd of reindeers. After the sledding you can warm yourself at a bonfire inside a Sami tent to enjoy dinner, coffee, and "Lefse" (Norwegian flat bread made from potates).

Tel: +47 77 69 00 02

Fax: +47 77 69 60 39



Ice Fishing Tour

To experience Ice Fishing Tour you have to travel to Ramfjord campsite by car, which located approximately 30 min from Tromso. Having changed into cold-resistant clothing, you will head for the ice cap on a snow scooter. After enjoying fishing for about an hour at a fishing spot with holes in the ice, you will return to the campsite, where you can taste the fish you caught. Ramfjord is also known for being a northern light viewing spot and a Sami people habitat.

Tel: +47 77 69 21 30

Operation time: January to April

Duration: 4 hours


The precincts of the Vesterålen Islands in the Nordland district of northern Norway is the only area in Europe where you can observe premature whales. Whale-watching tours operates from Andenes.

Inquiries and reservations to: Whale Safari

Tel: +47 76 11 56 00

Fax: +47 76 11 56 10



Cruise (Coach and Costal Steamer)

This cruise you will experience on a coastal steamer. In the evening, you will go to Sjervøy from the bus terminal in Tromsø, and experience an elegant cruise. You can enjoy the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter.

Operation time: Throughout the year (excluding Saturdays)

Duration: 8 hours

Tromsø by Air

Why not see the view of Tromsø from the sky in a small airplane Get a bird's eye view of the scenery. In the winter, if you are lucky, you might be able to have a mid-air dance with the northern lights.

Operation time: Throughout the year (depends on the weather)

Duration: 45 minutes (time can be shortened or extended