Summer Activities


Summer Activities


Nordkapp is a 307 m high cliff and is usually referred to as the northernmost point of Europe. Some 200,000 tourists visit this spot annually, during the two to three months of summer. From this point, it is 2110km to the north pole. In the past, this was a spot that the Sami people used for sacrifice. Nordkapp gradually became famous as a sightseeing area after king Oscar II of Sweden visited these lands in 1873. It is popular for tourists to come to Nordkapp after spending a night at Honningsvåg.

Access Approximately 45 minutes from Honningsvåg. There are no regular bus services during the winter so reservation is necessary.

For booking, please contact Finnmark Fylkesrederi og RuteselskapiFFRj

Tel: +47 78 40 70 78