Food & Drink


Food & Drink


Rica Hotel Alta

Rica Hotel Alta hotel is located in the central business district of Alta, 10 minutes from the airport by car. It also has restaurant and bar facilities.

Address: Lokkeveien 61

Tel: +47 78 48 27 00

Fax: +47 48 27 77



Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse / HARR Gallery

Rokens farm has been managed by the same family since 1673. You can learn about what the surrounding areas were like back then. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the farm owner's home-made cooking for lunch or dinner.

Address: Stornesvn. 127

Tel: +47 77 05 84 44

Fax: +47 77 05 84 40


Rica Hotel Honningsvåg

The Rica Hotel in Honningsvåg is located in the centre of the city and offers modern facilities. It also has a restaurant where you can enjoy Finnmark-style cuisines and a casual cafe.

Address: Storgt. 4

Tel: +47 78 47 23 33

Fax: +47 78 47 33 79



Store Norske Fiskekompani

The Store Norske Fiskekompani is a seafood restaurant where you can enjoy fresh produce in season. You can also relish traditional fish dishes made of local ingredients with a modern flair.

Address: Sjøgata 73

Tel: +47 77 68 76 00


Emmas Drommekjokken

Emmas Drommekjokken is a pleasant restaurant with a stately atmosphere, said to fulfil any gourmet's dream. It sets the perfect tone for a special night and has a popular menu, including a la carte items.

Address: Kirkegata 8

Tel: +47 77 63 77 30


Beer Hall (Ølhallen)

The Beer Hall serves Tromsø's Mack beer (Mack øl) but you can also enjoy a wide variety of other types of beers. The Beer Hall also offers a guided tour of their beer brewery.

Address: Gronnrgata 81

Tel: +47 77 68 49 06


Corner Restaurant

At this lovely restaurant you can enjoy local fish dishes and the chef's special menu. Corner has a nice outdoor terrace where you can watch people passing by while enjoying a meal.

Address: Fiskeriveien 2A

Tel: +47 78 47 63 40



Sjogata 12 Mat & Vinhus

Sjogata 12 Mat & Vinhus, meaning food and wine house in Norwegian, is made for people who enjoy delicious and diverse meals. You can order high-quality wines from a large selection that covers a wide range of specialities. Reservations for lunches and full-course dinners are also available.

Address: Sjøgata 12

Tel: +47 77 67 11 00