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Kingcrab Safari in Kirkines

Go on a Kingcrabsafari by snow mobile or by boat, and try ice-fishing in the Barents Sea near Kirkenes, in the far north of Norway. The king crab can grow to 2 metres and gain a weight of 15 kg, so you are guaranteed to see and taste the biggest and freshest crabs in the world! At the end of the trip you can eat fresh crabs for lunch in the restaurant near the fjord. URL



The precincts of the Vesterålen Islands in the Nordland district of northern Norway is the only area in Europe where you can observe premature whales. Whale-watching tours operates from Andenes.

Inquiries and reservations to: Whale Safari

Tel: +47 76 11 56 00

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Kirkene is a village near the Russian border where the terminal harbour for Norway's coastal steamer, which is known as the world's most beautiful boat ride, is located. It was an air-raid shelter during the Second World War called Andersgrotta which still exists. By plane, it is approximately 2 hours from Oslo and approximately 1 hour from Tromsø.