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Polaria is an exhibition centre that opened in May 1998. It has a unique exterior that attracts the visitors from all around the world. Polaria showcases large panoramic views of the Lofoten Islands, which features a presentation on the ecology of animals and plants in the Arctic Circle. The show gives you a good understanding of how living organisms and animals lead their lives in the Arctic region. You can also meet Bearded Seals and other cute animals at the aquarium.

Address: Hjalmar Johansensgt 12

Tel: +47 77 60 69 00

Fax: +47 77 60 69 11




Kautokeino is a Sami village that has a population of approximately 3000 people, one third of whom are reindeer breeders. Kautokeino means "open land that bristles with sedge from the forest" in Sami. Since this is a permanent home for the Sami people during the winter, it has educational facilities, such as a reindeer breeding school and a Sami craft school. in addition to other facilities that cannot be found in other regions of Norway, such as the Sami research institute. Many of the tours here also feature rather unique themes, including downstream rides on Sami boats, visits to Sami tents, and reindeer riding during the winter season.


Hoonningsvåg village is the access point to Nordkapp. The village bustles during the summer period with tourists who wish to catch a glimpse of the midnight sun. It takes approximately 45 min by bus to reach Nordkapp. Since this village is especially blessed with prime fishing banks, many fishing boats dock at Honningsvåg’s harbour.

Access: Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes from Tromso by plane (1 - 3 flights operates daily). 25 minutes from Hammerfest (1 to 3 flights operates daily). It takes approximately 5 hours from Hammerfest, with a transfer at Oldefjord if you choose to go by buss. (1-2 busses departs daily, only during the winter season). Approximately 2 hours 10 minutes from Hammerfest by high-speed boat. (1 departure a day from early August to late October)

Sapmi Park

The Sampi park is a theme park that will teach you everything about the Sami culture. In addition to outdoor activities, you can also tour craft studios where they make silverware, woven fabrics and other goods.

Address: Porsangerveien 1

Tel: +47 78 46 88 00

Fax: +47 78 46 88 01




Alta is an ancient town where you still can find remains of an ancient civilization. Norway's oldest civilization, the Komsa Kulturen, which began 10, 000 years ago, flourished in this region. The rock paintings in Jiebmaluokta, a World Heritage Site, is a must-see.

Access: Approximately 3 hours from Oslo by plane. There are 4 to 6 flights that operate daily. It takes 35 minutes from Tromsø by plane. There are 3 to 7 flights that operate daily

Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse / HARR Gallery

Rokens farm has been managed by the same family since 1673. You can learn about what the surrounding areas were like back then. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the farm owner's home-made cooking for lunch or dinner.

Address: Stornesvn. 127

Tel: +47 77 05 84 44

Fax: +47 77 05 84 40


Nordkapp Hall (The North Cape Hall)

The Nordkapp Hall is a space used in multiple ways and visited by many tourists and locals. It features an auditorium, information centre, commissary store, and a post office that issues Nordkapp arrival certifications and the world's northernmost Christian church. It also has a bar and a restaurant where you can view the midnight sun over a glass of champagne.

Address: Postboks 514 9751 Nordkapp / Honningsvåg

Tel: +47 78 47 68 60

Fax: +47 78 47 68 61



Nordkapp Museum (Nordkappmuseet)

The Nordkapp Museum showcases the lives and history of the people of the Arctic Circle. It also exhibits photographs and paintings.

Address: Fiskeriveien 4

Tel: +47 78 47 20 00

Fax: +47 78 47 72 09



Polar Museum (Polarmuseet)

The Polar Museum was built in the 1830s. It provides information on the activities of Norwegian explorers and hunters, including the famous Roald Amundsen. The museum also showcases interesting facts and history about seal hunting in the Arctic Circle, which is an old Norwegian tradition.

Address: Sondre Tollbugate 11

Tel: +47 77 68 43 73

Fax: 47 77 61 17 20




Jiebmaluokta are ruins of the Komsa Kulturen that was accidentally discovered in 1973. It is registered as a World Heritage Site, featuring approximately 3000 wall paintings. It is divided into seven stages, ranging in height from 8m to 26.5m, and is estimated to be between 6500 and 2500 years old. You can see the wall paintings within the premises of the Alta museum.

Address: Alta Museum, Altaveien 19

Tel: +47 78 45 63 30



Ishavs Katedralen (Arctic Cathedral)

Also known as the sanctuary of the Arctic Ocean, the Artic Cathedral is modern architectural structure, which is based on a design that uses Tromsø's winter and northern lights as a motif, which suits the atmosphere of the town. The beautiful, stately stained glass panels inside are 12m high and are definitely worth seeing. The architect of this building is Jan Inge Hovig.

Address: Tromsdalen

Tel: +47 77 75 34 40



Karasjok is an a that has been a settlement for the mountain Sami people since olden days. The name "Karasjok" is believed to have originated from the Finish phrase meaning the cove's river. This region experiences drastic temperature changes, and has recorded a lowest-ever temperature of minus 51.4 degrees, and a highest-ever temperature of 32.4 degrees. There are also a theme park, museum, and other facilities that display the Sami culture.

Access: Approximately 1 hour 35 minutes from Lakselv Airport by bus.

Tromsø Museum

Tromso Museum is attached to Tromsø University that was established in 1872. It displays and showcases a wide array of strands, such as geography, plants, animals, archaeology, and studies of the Sami people.

Address: Lars Thorings veg 10

Tel: +47 77 64 50 00

Fax: +47 77 64 51 13

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Saami Museum (Samid Vuorka Davvirat)

The Sami Museum exhibits various aspects of the Sami culture. The museum concentrates on the history, culture, industry, and craftwork of the Sami people, and it also exhibits Sami people’s tent and mountain huts.

Address: Museumsgate 17

Tel: +47 78 46 99 50

Fax: +47 78 46 99 55