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Go on a cruise around scenic Lofoten, Northern Norway

The Best of the Arctic offers you an unforgettable cruise through the legendary Troll Fjord in Northern Norway, where the Lofoten’s dramatic scenery can be seen at its very best. You start off by spending a night in an authentic “rorbu”, which is a traditional Norwegian fisherman’s cabin.  Then you will be picked up by a traditional ferry.


Norlandia Royal Hotel

The Norlandia Royal Hotel is located on the Lofoten Islands.

Address: Postboks 43, 8301 Svolvær

Tel: +47 76 07 12 00

Fax: +47 76 07 08 50




Reine is a small village that is situated in the southern region of Lofoten. It is surrounded by jagged rock-faced mountains and as a resalt the village captivates photographers from around the world. There is also a fishery harbour, cafés and restaurants that are converted from fishing cottages that are worth visiting during your journey.


Svolver is the gateway to Lofoten. A very beautiful town that has an airport and serves as an anchorage site for coastal steamers. It has an active fishery industry and is especially renowned for its codfish fishing. A clean cottage called "Rorbu", which was used by the fishermen between work periods, is a popular accommodation for tourists in search of a country house experience.

Lofotr Borg Viking Museum

This is a unique museum located in Borg in the Lofoten Islands. Here you can gain firsthand experience of the Viking era. It is located 55km from Svolvær on route E10, and 14km from Leknes.

Tel: +47 76 08 49 00

Fax: +47 76 08 49 10


Dagfinn Bakke's Gallery

The Dagfinn Bakke’s Gallery is a private gallery owned by the painter, illustrator and graphic artist Dagfinn Bakke. He lives and works in the Lofoten Islands, north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Dagfinn Bakke has had exhibitions in a number of different countries, and his works are on display at many public art galleries, including the Norwegian National Gallery. The artwork can also be purchased.

Address: Richard Withs gt. 4, 8300 Svolvær

Tel: +47 76 07 19 98

Fax: +47 76 07 17 62




Kabelvag is the name of Lofoten’s aquarium. It makes full use of the natural environment and displays around 23 types of unusual fish and seals that live in the Arctic Ocean.

Address: Storvågan

Tel: +47 76 07 86 65

Fax: +47 76 07 89 40


The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

The museum, was founded on July 3, 1987 by the Moskenes History and Museum Society in collaboration with the Moskenes municipal council and Mr. Sigurd Harald Ellingsen of Å. It features the life of the fishing village and the Lofoten Fishery over the past 200 years. It is a comprehensive and exciting coastal museum well worth a visit.

Address: A, Lofoten, N-8392, Sølvågen

Tel: +47 76 09 14 88

Fax: +47 76 09 15 66


Henningsvar Bryggenhotell

Henningssvar Bryggenhotell is situated at Henningsvar on the Lofoten Islands.

Address: Postboks 80, 8312 Henningsvar

P: +47 76 07 47 50

Fax: +47 76 07 47 30



Espolin Gallery

Espolin Gallery features work of well known artist Kaare Espolin Johnson. Kaare is known for his unique and innovative artistic techniques.

Tel: +47 76 07 84 05

Fax: +47 76 07 89 85


Rica Hotel Svolvar

The Rica Hotel is located in Svolvar on the Lofoten Islands.

Address: Lamholmen

Tel: +47 76 07 22 22

Fax: +47 76 07 20 01


Lofoten House Gallery

Also called Galleri Lofotens Hus, showcases around 40 pieces that were painted during the golden age of Norwegian oil paintings, from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. At the gallery you can also pay a virtual visit to Lofoten's four seasons.

Tel: +47 76 07 15 73

Fax: +47 +47 07 48 84


Rorbu Cabin

There is a unique accommodation style called ‘Rorbu’ which is scattered around Lofoten. In the olden days, Rorbus were used as fishing working cottages for workers who flocked to Lofoten in pursuit of codfish. Although there are still fishermen that use Rorbus during the fishing season, most of them are now used for accommodation for tourists and visitors.

Svolvar: Svinøya Rorbuer

Address:@8300 Svolvaer

P: +47 76 06 99 30

Fax: +47 76 07 21 11


Å is located virtually in the southernmost point of Lofoten. It is also the end-point of the European roadway. Here you’ll find an atmosphere that hearkens back to the days when life revolved around the cod fishery.

North Norway Artist Centre (Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter)

The North Norway Artist Centre is an art space managed by working artists. The centre arranges around 10 exhibitions a year. You can purchase artwork from the centre.

Tel: +47 76 06 67 60

Fax: +47 76 07 00 15


Raibow Hotel Vestfjord

Raibow Hotel Vestfjord is located on the Lofoten Islands

Address: Havna

Tel: +47 76 07 08 70

Fax: +47 76 07 08 54



Statles Rorbu Center

The Statles Rorbusenter is situated in the fishing village Mortsund, in the centre of the Lofoten islands. The Rorbu Centre is managed by the local fishermen supervisor and offers accommodation facilities, tours and activities. It is a very popular facility that attracts even celebrities for anonymous visits. It is closed between December 20th and January 20th every year. Leknes airport 11 km away from the centre.

Address: Mortsund, 8370 Leknes

P: +47 76 05 50 60

Fax: +47 76 08 71 11