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Christmas in Fantasy World – Zealand

Denmark’s latest indoor attraction, Fantasy World in Holme-Olstrup, will open a brand new cowboy city on the 24th of November 2007, housing the Christmas market: “Christmas in the Wild West”. Beyond the Christmas shopping opportunities, the market has a variety of fun fair rides and attractions, a cowboy fort, horse drawn carriages and restaurants.


Borreby Castle (Borreby)

The Borreby Castel is the oldest renaissance-style construction in Denmark that is still standing. This astonishing castle appeared many times in Anderson's fairytales. It is located 3 km south of Skaelskor, south west of Zealand.

Bakken Amusement Park

Dyrehavbakken is one of the oldest amusement parks in Northern Europe. It was built 100 years before Tivoli Park. The wooden jet coaster, which is said to be the oldest jet coaster in the world, is definitely worth trying. This park is also used as the base for the official international Santa Claus meeting, held every year in July.

Addess: Dyrehavevej 62, 2930 Klampenborg

Tel: +45 39 63 35 44



Roskilde is known as the ancient city, with a history of over 1000 years and was Denmark’s capital from around 960 to 1536. Even now, it is an hub for commerce and industry. Each summer Roskilde hosts one of Europe’s largest music event, called the Roskilde Festival. It is a 30 min train ride form Copenhagen to Roskilde.


Viking Ship Museum

This museum exhibits 5 Viking ships from around year 1000. They were uncovered in 1962 at Roskilde Bay. From the cafeteria inside the museum, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Roskilde Fjord over a meal.

Address: Vindeboder 12

Tel: +45 46 30 02 00



North Zealand

North Zealand is well worth a visit, no only can you enjoy the beautiful coastline and idyllic landscapes, here you also find Kronborg Castle, which is known for providing the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet and Fredriksborg’s Castel (Denmark’s national museum). North Zealand is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen.

Deer Park (Dyrehaven)

This beautiful deer park is 15 minutes from Copenhagen by train. The park used to be a hunting area for the royal family in the second half of the 17th century, but is today a place of recreation and relaxation. Here you can enjoy horseback riding or take in the scenery on a leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride.


Ordrupgaard Gallery (Ordrupgaard) (

Ordrupgaard exhibits paintings from the impressionist era, the collection is a must-see!

Address: Vidvordevej 110

Tel: +45 39 64 11 83


Kronborg Castle

The Kronborg Castle is a renaissance-style castle. By visiting this castel you can easily understand the lavish life style of how the royal family lived.

Address: Hillerod 3400

Tel: +45 48 26 04 39




Dragor is a fishing village where a townscape from the early 18th century still remains.

Access: 12km southeast from Copenhagen. Access by city bus is also possible.


Fredensborg Castle

The Fredensborg Castle is still used as the summer house of the royal family. The large-scale painting that extends from the wall to the roof is based on the legend of the Trojan War.

Address: Slottet 9

Tel: +45 33 40 31 87



Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum is the house in which Karen Blixen, the original writer of "Out of Africa", was born and spent the latter half of her life. The museum commemorates her eventful life.

Address: Rungsted Strandvej 111

Tel: +45 45 57 10 57



Skaelskor is an old harbour town in the south western corner of Zealand, about an hour and a half from the Copenhagen. The town is surrounded by protected landscapes with old manor houses, moors, nature reserves, meadows, and beaches. Apparently, lords from the manors provided sanctuary to Anderson in his later days.


Cap Horn

A popular restaurant in Nyhavn. You can enjoy seasonal dishes, cooked from fresh and natural ingredients, inside a 17th century atmosphere. Boats at the harbor can be viewed when dining on the open terrace. Natural ingredients are also used in coffee, tea, beer, and wine.

Address: Nyhavn 21

Tel: +45 33 12 85 04