Design & Architecture


Design & Architecture


 Herning is located on the central region of Jutland and is home to Messecenter Herning, the largest exhibition centre in Scandinavia, which gives the town a reputation for its many trade fairs. The town is also home to sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar's unique monumental work "Elia". It is a black-painted, 60 m dome with four 10 m wide stairways inset into its surface at the earth's cardinal points.


Trapholt Museum (Trapholtmuseet)

Trapholt is one of the largest and most popular design and arts museums in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. Opened in 1988, Trapholt is situated in beautiful natural surroundings, with a view out over Kolding Fjord. The Trapholt Museum exhibits works of modern Denmark. A furniture gallery was also established in 1996 and displays a variety of Danish furniture made after the 20th century.

Address: Ablehaven 23

Tel: +45 76 30 05 30

Fax: +45 76 30 05 33


Japanese Garden (Den Japanske Have)

This is an amazingly beautiful and sophisticated Japanese garden. It includes several sub-gardens, a Japanese house, a tea house (chashitsu), a shop, and a café. The garden is particularly beautiful during summer and autumn.

Address: Bjodstrup 31, Hammerum 7400 Herning

Tel: +45 97 11 92 61


North Jylland Museum (Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum)

This museum was designed by the Finish architect Alvar Aalto and exhibits a fine collection of modern art

Address: Kong Christian Alle 50

Tel: +45 75 50 15 00


Århus Gallery

Arhus Konst Museum launched in April of 2004 and is designed by architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen, who also designed the royal library (Black Diamond) in Copenhagen. The architecture is an experience in itself, but the museum also possesses one of the finest international art collections from the 1700 hundreds until today. It also has an information centre, library, art shop, café and restaurant worth visiting.

Address: Aros Alle 2

Tel: +45 87 30 66 00

Fax: +45 87 30 66 01