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Ribe - A leap back in time

Ribe is a charming town on Jutland in the south west of Denmark, close to the Wadden Sea. Dating back to the 8th century, the age of Vikings, it is the oldest town in Denmark.


Fregatten Jylland

Fregatten Jylland is the longest wooden warship in the World. The boat is surrounded by a museum hall and Fregat Cafe, a ship building yard and a harbour for wooden ships. It is even possible to stay over at Fyrskib XXI or in a hammock at the frigate.

Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) (Jutland + sights & attractions + arts&culture) Although this cathedral had two towers when it was first built in the 12th century, one of the towers collapsed on the night of Christmas in 1283, killing several people. The current tower was reconstructed in 1333.

Address: Torvet

Tel: +45 75 42 06 19

Fax: +45 76 88 26 19



Lindholm Hoeje Viking cemetery (Lindholm Hoje)

North of Nørresundby lies Lindholm Høje, with nearly 700 graves dating from the Iron Age and the Viking era. Most of the graves which have been excavated contained ashes; the dead were burned, together with their burial objects, and then interred in a grave marked with a stone. The old gravestones are triangular, the later ones round or oval. Upright stones in the form of ships date from the Viking period. This is one of the largest Viking graveyards in Northern Europe.

Address: Vendilavej 11

Tel: +45 98 17 55 22

Den Gamle By

The Old Town urban museum's 75 historical buildings, period interiors, animals and people give visitors ample opportunity to make themselves feel that they are back in a Danish market several centuries ago. The 'Den Gamle By' in Århus has received top marks as a travel destination in Denmark.

Address: Vborgvej 2

Tel: +45 86 12 31 88

Fax: 45 86 76 06 87



Herning Museum (Herning Kunstmuseum)

Established in 1977, Herning Kunstmuseum grew out of the active industrial life in and around Herning in the 1950s. Today, the museum''s collections consist primarily of a selection of the former Aage Damgaard collection, as well as the art collection belonging to the Municipality of Herning. A direct shuttle bus takes you to the museum from Birk Centerpark station.

Address: Birk Centerpark 3, 7400 Herning

Tel: +45 97 12 10 33

 Fax: +45 97 12 79 12


Skagen Museum

Skagens Museum is the Skagen artists’ museum. The Skagen artists all had in common that they were inspired by naturalism and open-air painting, sought new places and motifs, and during the course of the 1880s Skagen was transformed into an artists’ colony with room for both work and play. The artists’ favourite motifs were the fishermen working on the beaches, the tiny fishermen’s cottages, the landscape and the artists’ social life. Address:Brondumsvej 4, DK - 9990 Skagen

Tel: +45 98 44 64 44

Fax: +45 98 44 18 10



The Old City Hall (Det Gamle Radhus)

The old city hall in Ebeltoft occupies an area of only 77m sq. It was constructed in 1789 and used as a city hall until 1840. Today, it is used as a museum, displaying Thai's King Sham and retro fire fighting equipment.


Moesgard Prehistory Museum

The Moesgard Prehistory Museum contains archaeological collections from Denmark and from excavations carried out in Bahrain and other places in the Persian Gulf region. It is a museum of local history and a speciality museum in the areas of archaeology and ethnography. The 2000 year old carbonized body, Grauballemand, which is preserved in a glass case, is a must-see.

Address: Moesgard Alle 20

Tel: +45 89 42 11 00


North Jylland Museum (Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum)

This museum was designed by the Finish architect Alvar Aalto and exhibits a fine collection of modern art

Address: Kong Christian Alle 50

Tel: +45 75 50 15 00


Glass Museum (Glasmuseun)

Ebeltoft is one of the greatest glass-making cities in Northern Europe. Not only does the Glass museum showcase local designs, it also exhibits the works of up-and-coming artists from around the world. Here, you can also watch the glass-blowing process.

Old Dye Factory

The dye factory is located in a farmhouse and operated here until the second half of the 18th century. Tools, documents, houses, and other items from the past are recreated within the 20 rooms of the factory. There is also a demonstration corner in the courtyard where you can get hands-on experience.

Århus Gallery

Arhus Konst Museum launched in April of 2004 and is designed by architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen, who also designed the royal library (Black Diamond) in Copenhagen. The architecture is an experience in itself, but the museum also possesses one of the finest international art collections from the 1700 hundreds until today. It also has an information centre, library, art shop, café and restaurant worth visiting.

Address: Aros Alle 2

Tel: +45 87 30 66 00

Fax: +45 87 30 66 01