Places to Stay


Places to Stay

Hotel Hans Egede

Hans Egede is the key hotel in Nuuk. The restaurant is located at the top of the hotel on the 5th floor, where guests can enjoy the food and impressive view of the town and fjord in peace and quiet. From this hotel you can arrange tours, sailing tours, and other activities within Nuuk and its periphery.

Address: P.O.Box 289 DK-3900 Nuuk

Tel: +299 324222

Fax: +299 324487



Hotel Arctic

Hotel Arctic is located the middle of the Arctic outside Ilulissat. It prides it self for its beautiful views and unique accommodation. The hotel has 65 rooms but in 2000 they added 5 modern aluminium igloos for tourists to stay in.

Address: Box 1501, DK-3952 IlulissatiJakobshavnj

Tel: +299 944153

Fax: +299 943924



Hotel Kangerlussuaq

You can check into the Kangerlussuaq hotel without leaving the airport. From here you can book activities such as dog sledding and helicopter rides overlooking the dramatic glaciers.

Address: P.O.Box 1006, DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq

Tel: +299 841180

Fax: +299 841284

Email: 8

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