Sports & Adventure


Sports & Adventure

Elk safari in Laukkuluspa

Go on a snowmobile tour in the wilderness of Kiruna, northern Sweden. Drive along the Kalix River towards the majestic mountains and experience unique national animals such as reindeer and elk. Lunch will be cooked over an open fire in a Sami tent. Trip available: Dec 2007 – April 2008 (daily departures)

Tel: +46(0)980-105 30. Mobile: +46(0)70-559 39 50



Ski in Riksgränsen

Riksgränsen is the most northly ski resort in Europe offering a wide range of off piste skiing for beginners as well as professionals. Because of its location above the Arctic Circle you can enjoy summer skiing in the light of the midnight sun until the end of June.

Lifts: 6

Slopes: 17

Longest slope: 2 km

Access: 3 hours by plane and 18 hours by train from Stockholm

Tel: +46 980 400 80


Live with the Sami

If you are seeking a cultural experience out of the ordinary, discover the Sami, one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. Visit the northern parts of Scandinavia and stay with the Sami people. Eat a traditional meal, learn about their culture, stay in their traditional huts and experience life as never before. Why not compete with your friends in a reindeer race or go on a guided hiking tour in the snow?



A resort area located up in the mountains of the border where you can enjoy the northern wilderness. The ski resort, which opens in mid February to mid June has a variety of trails and bustles with skiers and snowboarders enjoying the Aurora and the midnight sun.



A sporting city that is blessed with rich sunlight, the base point for outdoor activities. The starting point of "the kings walk", a popular trekking trail, is within the grand Abisko National Park. Trails appropriate for everyone from novices to experts are available throughout the year. There is also fishing during the summer. The mountains and foliage are a sight to see during summer and autumn. Winter sports, such as dog sledding, are available, and by using the lift to the top you can enjoy Off Piste Skiing and Telemark Skiing.

Access: 1 hour 30 minutes by train from Kiruna by Ofot Line. Two trains a day.