Sights & Attractions


Sights & Attractions


Christmas the old fashioned way

Get into the Christmas spirit at Bærums Verk in Oslo. Take a short ride with horse and sleigh during the weekends or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and small shops in old houses from the 17th Century. Experience an old-fashioned Christmas market with lots of handicrafts & designer-goods. Make Christmas tree decorations from sheep's wool or make your very own soap. Meet Norwegian fairytale characters, the Hulder and the Trolls!



Nobel Peace Center (Nobels Fredssenter)

The Nobel Peace Centre opened June 11, 2005. The centre was constructed on the grounds of an old railway station near the Oslo City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony is held on the 10th of December every year. The centre exhibits documents about the past Peace Prize winners and Alfred Nobel's efforts to raise interest in resolving wars and conflicts to achieve world peace. The centre has a lovely café and shop.

Address: Rådhusplassen i Oslo

Tel: +47 48 30 10 00



Fram Museum (Frammuseet)

The Fram Museum shows the history of the polar explorers. Here you’ll find the world’s most famous polarship, Fram, from 1892, which is the museum’s main attraction. The ship is displayed in its original condition with interior and objects perfectly preserved. Every visitor is welcome on board Fram.

Address: Bygdøynesveien 39

Tel: +47 23 28 29 50



Maritime Museum (Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum)

The Norwegian Maritime Museum is in a fantastic location, right on the edge of the Oslo Fjord. The museum features a great panorama film "The ocean – a way of life" that takes the audience on a cruise along the Norwegian coast. Visitors can watch this visual sea voyage all year around.

Address: Bygdøynesveien 37

Tel: +47 22 43 82 40



The National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design

The new museum is a merging of the previously autonomous institutions The National Gallery, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, The Norwegian Museum of Architecture, and The National Touring Exhibitions, Norway. Well worth a visit for visitors with an interest in art and design.

Address: Bankplassen



National Gallery

The National Gallery is Norway's largest gallery that showcases a collection of national and international art works, including 1900 sculptures and 40, 000 block prints and line-drawings. This is a must-see gallery as it exhibits Munch's main pieces, such as "The Scream" and "Madonna".

Address: Universitegaten 13

Tel: +47 22 20 04 04



Norsk Form

Opened in 1993, Norsk Form is an information centre for matters relating to design and architecture. The centre also has a lovely exhibition space and a great café. Address: Hausmanns gate 16

Tel: +47 23 29 26 30

Fax: +47 23 29 26 31




Vigeland Museum (Vigeland-museet)

The Vingeland Museum contains Norway's finest sculptor collections. This museum also has a great café and museum shop.

Address: Nobelsgate 32

Tel: +47 22 54 25 30



Oslo Museum (Oslo Bymuseum)

This museum introduces you to Oslo's cultural history from the 1200s to today.

Address: Frognerveien 67

Tel: +47 23 28 41 70




Tusenfryd is one of the biggest theme parks in Norway. It takes about 20 minutes by car from central Oslo. The theme park has the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe.

Address: TusenFryd AS 1407 Vintenbro

Tel: +47 64 97 64 97

Fax: +47 64 97 64 01



The Bygdøy Region

This high-class residential area in Oslo, surrounded by greenery and flowers of every colour, features beautiful buildings and architecture. Plenty of traditional Norwegian museums are also located in this area. Bygdoy can be reached in 15 minutes by a ferry, which leaves outside the City Hall.


Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskiphuset)

The Viking Ship Museum displays the large Viking ships of Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune, as well as founds from the chief grave at Borre in the Vestfold district. The ships dated back to 8th and 9th century.

Address: Huk Aveny 35

Tel: +47 22 43 83 79



Frogner Park (Frognerparken)

Frogner Park is one of the highlights in Oslo. The park contains 192 sculptures with more than 600 figures, all modelled in full size by Gustav Vigeland. Vigeland also designed the architectural setting and the layout of the grounds. The "Monolitten Human Tower", located in the centre of the park, is a masterpiece that took 13 years to construct. The park also has a pool and tennis courts. Also make sure you don’t miss the fantastic open-air restaurant.

Address: Frognerveien 67



Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke)

The current Oslo Cathedral is the third cathedral in Oslo, Norway. The first, Hallvards Cathedral, was built by Sigurd I of Norway in the first half of the 12th century, and was located by the Old Bishop's Palace in Oslo, some 1.5 kilometres east of today's Oslo Cathedral.

Address: Karl Johans gt 11

Tel: 23 31 46 00

Fax: 23 31 46 16



City Hall (Rådhuset)

The city hall is an interesting building that was completed in 1950 to celebrate the 900th anniversary of Oslo. The award ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize takes place here in December every year.

Address: Fr. Nansens Plass

Tel: +47 23 46 16 00

Fax: +47 23 46 16 30



Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Ski Jump

Holmenkollen is the most visited attraction in Norway! The ski jump was used for the 1952 Winter Olympics and the museum located beneath the ski jump itself. Scandinavia's first ever ski simulator is set up outside the Ski Museum and you can experience the thrill of downhill skiing with the latest technology.

Address: Kongeveien 5

Tel: +47 22 92 32 64



Royal Palace (Det Kongelige Slott)

The royal palace was completed in 1848 for the royal family, but it was built by Karl Johan XIV

Address: Drammnsveien 1



Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge is a modern shopping area that was converted from the former dock warehouse district of Oslo. This area has a wide variety of shops, 35 cafés, bars and restaurants. A theatre and cinema can also be found here. This is a great place for people to relax in.

Address: Bryggegata 9

Tel: +47 22 83 26 80

Business hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm Saturdays 10am to 6pm

Closed: Sundays



Norway Designs

Norway Designs is a stylish design shop that has a fine collection of kitchenware, ceramic, glassware and stationery.

Address: Stortingsgt 28

Tel: +47 23 11 45 10

Fax: +47 23 11 45 35

Business hours: Monday to Wednesday/Fridays 9am to 5pm Thursdays 9am to 7pm Saturdays 10am to 3pm

Closed: Sundays



Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum)

The Open-Air Museum features 155 authentic buildings from different national regions, i.e. Gol Stave Church, from the 13th century. At the museum you can experience and learn about traditional Norwegian culture and history.

Address: Museumsveien 10

Tel: +47 22 12 37 00



Karl Johans Street

Karl Johans Street is Oslo’s main mall and it stretches from Oslo Central Station to the Royal Palace. The street has a lovely café, restaurant and entertainment culture. The street is always bustling with people who come to enjoy Oslo. The street is also close to the Oslo Cathedral and the National Museum.


The National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design

The new museum is a merging of the previously autonomous institutions The National Gallery, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, The Norwegian Museum of Architecture, and The National Touring Exhibitions, Norway. Well worth a visit for visitors with an interest in art and design.

Address: Bankplassen

Tel: +47 22 86 22 10




Kunstindustrimuseet - The Museum of Applied Arts

The museum was founded in 1876 and shows Norwegian and international applied arts dating from the seventh century to today.

Address: St. Olavs gate 1

Tel: +47 22 03 65 40



Akershus Castle (Akershus Slott)

The castle was constructed around 1300 by King Håkon V Magnusson and later restored by Christian IV at the beginning of the 17th century and since then the castle has remained unchanged. The castle id presently used as a banquet hall for entertaining important national and international government personalities. The view from the garden overlooking Oslo is worth seeing.

Address: Akershus festning

Tel: +47 23 09 35 53

Fax: +47 23 09 56 71


Hadeland Glass factory (Hadeland Glassverk)

Hadeland Glass is Norway's oldest glass factory and it was founded in 1762. It is located in a town called Jevnaker, which is about an hour's drive from Oslo. Not only can you observe the glassmakers at work, you can also try it your self. The largest glass museum in Scandinavia is also located here and glass products can be purchased from four outlet stores.

Address: 3521 Jevnaker

Tel: +47 61 31 64 00

Fax: +47 61 31 64 70




The Oslo Concert Hall mainly showcases performances by the Phil harmonia and the Oslo Phil harmonia, but they also hosts musicians from around the world. Tickets and programs can be found at Oslo Tourist Agency's site. Tickets can also be bought online.


Theatres & Operas

Large theatre productions are mainly staged at the National Theatre, which is also the home of Norway's national theatre group. The Ibsen festival, held every two years, is a major event that gathers theatre groups from all around the worlds to compete against each other with Ibsen pieces. Operas and ballets are performed in the National Opera House.