Places to Stay


Places to Stay

Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel

The Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel is a 37-storey hotel that opened in 1990. It is proud to be the tallest hotel in Northern Europe. From its bar on the top floor, you have a panoramic view of Oslo City. Its location is perfect with a two minute walk from central station.

Address: Sonja Henies Plass 3

Tel: 22 05 80 00

Fax: 22 05 80 10



Rica Travel Hotel

Although Rica Travel Hotel is located near the busy Karl Johans Gate, it is blessed with a tranquil environment. They hotel consists mainly of single rooms and are equipped with most basic facilities.

Address: Arbeidergt. 4

Tel: 22 00 33 00

Fax: 22 33 51 22



Rica Holberg Hotel

The Rica hotel is located in the quiet Frogner district of Oslo, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Address: Holbergs plass 1

Tel: 23 15 72 00

Fax: 23 15 72 01



Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel

This is an American-style high-class hotel. The rooms are very cozy with large beds and elaborate interiors. The hotel also has a restaurant, cafeteria and a shopping centre. A bus that connects the hotel to the airport is also available.

Address: Holbergsgate 30

Tel: 23 29 30 00

Fax: 23 29 30 01



Scandic Edderkoppen

This is a modern hotel that opened in August 2000. The hotel overlooks St. Olav Plaza, which is close to Karl Johans Gate Street and the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Address: St. Olav plass 1

Tel: 23 15 56 00

Fax: 23 15 56 11



Scandic Hotel Sjølyst

This hotel was constructed in 1997 and is located 3km outside the centre of Oslo. It is also accessible by express train from the airport.

Address: Sjølyst Plass 5, Skøyen

Tel: 23 15 51 00

Fax: 23 15 51 11 



Radisson SAS Airport Hotel

This modern hotel was built at the same time as the opening of Oslo Airport in Gardemoen, located 200m from the airport terminal. There are three types of rooms, inspired from design from all around the world. The hotel also has a great gym and a health club.

Address: Hotelveien, Gardemoen

Tel: 63 93 30 00

Fax: 63 93 30 30



Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica

The Holmenkollen Park Hotel was built 100 years ago and is located at Holmenkollen, which is famous for its ski jump. From here, you can enjoy views of Oslo City and the Oslo Fjord.

Address: Kongeveien 26

Tel: 22 92 20 00

Fax: 22 14 61 92



Hotel Continental

Hotel continental is a classic hotel that reflects Oslo. The café on the first floor called Theatre Café is a reminiscent of the good old days.

Address: Stortingsgaten 24-26

Tel: 22 82 40 40

Fax: 22 42 96 89


Scandic Hotel KNA

This hotel is located in a quiet area with a short distance from central station. They have rooms with balconies that are overlooking the Oslo Bay.

Address: Parkveien 68

Tel: 23 15 57 00

Fax: 23 15 57 11



Scandic Hotel Byporten

From this hotel you can enjoy fjord views set in Oslo's Central Station. All rooms offer high-speed internet access and an Easy Access Point business corner. Byporten is actively engaged in environmental issues and is the first hotel in Norway that offers rooms that consist of recyclable timber.

Address: Jerbanetorget 6

Tel: 23 15 55 50

Fax: 23 15 55 11



Radisson SAS Park Hotel

This hotel is surrounded by woodland and is located in the middle of Fornebu Park, southwest of the city. It is a ten minutes drive from Oslo, located nearby a beach close to Oslo Fjord. It is an excellent place to enjoy a vacation.

Address: Fornebuparken, 1324 Lysaker

Tel: 67 82 30 00

Fax: 67 82 30 01



Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is situated on the main street Karl Johan in Oslo, and is one of the most prestigious hotels in Norway.

Address: Karl Johans gate 31

Tel: 23 21 20 00

Fax: 23 21 21 00



Rica Hotel Bygdøy

This hotel features cutting-edge conference facilities, located approximately 5km northeast from the central region of the city. The rooms are equipped with great facilities and room service is available.

Address: Bygdøy Allé 53

Tel: 23 08 58 00

Fax: 23 08 58 08


Rica Oslo Hotel

Rica Hotel is located next to Oslo Central Station, which is an ideal location for visitors interested in sightseeing and shopping. Each room is decorated and themed by a Norwegian artist.

Address: Europarådets Plass 1

Tel: 23 10 42 00

Fax: 23 10 42 10