Summer Activities


Summer Activities


The Geirangerfjord is situated in south western Norway, northeast of Bergen, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, set 120km from one another are considered as archetypical fjord landscapes and among the most scenically outstanding anywhere. Their exceptional natural beauty is derived from their narrow and steep-sided crystalline rock walls that rise up to 1,400m from the Norwegian Sea. The Geirangerfjord stands proudly as one of the most popular sightseeing spots in the world that portrays the forces of nature. The main sightseeing spots include the Briksdal Glacier in Sogn og Fjordane and the Dalsnibba Observatory Access is possible from Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund with the use of trains and buses.


Norheimsund is a settlement surrounded with majestic fjord nature in the middle of the Hardangerfjord, just an hour drive from the city of Bergen. The Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, located 2km from the village, is particularly popular as you can walk behind it and experience its beauty and strength from the inside of the waterfall.

Folgefonna Glacier Summer Ski Centre

Folgefonna Summer Ski Centre is situated on the glacier at 1,200 metres above sea level, 19 km from Jondal ferry quay. It is the third largest summer ski centre in Norway and it provides fine conditions for snowboard, alpine and cross-country skiing. To ski in the summer is a fantastic experience so for the ski lover this is a great outdoor activity to do in the summer.


Explore Hardangerfjord

Explore Hardangerfjord on a beautiful day trip by train, bus and boat including a fjord cruise, where you can admire the Hardangerfjord and its majestic surrounding mountains, idyllic orchards and cascading waterfalls. The tour is organised by Fjord Tours and operates daily during the summer. Read how to explore the Hardangerfjord


Jondal Cathedral

Jondal Cathedral is located in Haradanger and is famous for hosting beautiful organ concerts in the summer time.