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Explore the secrets of Odense

Follow the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen and visit Odense, one of Denmark’s oldest cities. Visit the fairytale writer’s home, his commemorated museum or simply stroll through town in the spirit of H.C Andersen. Catch a train from Copenhagen to Odense

For a guided tour, contact Odense Tourist Bureau

Tel: +45 66 12 75 20



The Hans Christian Andersen Parade

A performance with 35 of Andersen's characters that appear in his particularly famous fairytales. It is carried out every day during the summer in a park behind the Andersen Museum.


Saint Knuds Church (Odense Domkirke)

The Saint Knuds church is a 13th century gothic-style church and it was here H.C Andersen was baptized. Well worth a visit!


Andersen Museum (H.C.Andersens Hus)

This museum explores Andersen's life from his birth 1805 to his death 1875. Here you find collected works, translated in every language and his cut-out art. The houses are still preserved around the periphery of this museum and are used as regular housing as well as restaurants and shops.

Address: Hans Jensens Strade 37-45

Tel: +45 65 51 46 01


Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Know as the author of "Pippi Longstocking", Astrid Lindgrens is a well know Swedish children's book author. The theme park in her home town of Vimmerby stages the buildings that appear in her stories, and you can meet the characters. Vimmerby is one of Sweden's oldest towns and the colourful buildings are sure to stimulate your imagination.

Address: 598 85 Vimmerby

Tel: +46 492 798 00


Antik Bla A/S

Antique shop inside Rosengardcentret.

Address: Rosengadcentret, Gul Gade

Tel: +45 66 15 58 18


Andersen's House during his Childhood Years

This was H.C.Andersen’s child home. Andersen, who was born as the son of a shoemaker, lived here between the age of 2 and 14. Although the family was poor, Andersen noted later in life that the stories his father used to tell him led to his life as a poet.

Address: Munkemollestrade 3-5

Tel: +45 66 14 88 14


Andersen Outdoor Play

Between July 13th and August 7th, plays of Andersen's fairytales are performed by children every day from 4pm at Den Fynske Landsby.

Open hours: Everyday from 4pm at Den Fynske Landsby.

Admission fee: 80kr