Sights & Attractions


Sights & Attractions


Dyrehaven Park

Dyrehaven Park offers a great combination of outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking and horse riding but it also holds Bakken amusement park, one of the oldest in the world. Dyrehaven is a popular retreat for both locals and tourists who seek a bit of tranquility.

Nearest station: Klampenborg

Access: 15 minutes by train from Copenhagen

Tel: +45 7022 2442 (Tourist Information)

Tivoli Christmas Market

The Tivoli Christmas market in Copenhagen is a must during the winter season. The atmosphere is much like that of a small carnival, filled with the pungent smells of ginger cookies and glögg, Christmas carols and Danish arts & crafts. Linger over a traditional meal or indulge in a quick pick-me-up at one of its restaurants -try Michelin starred The Paul, Café Ketchup, Fregatten or Ultimo



Royal Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek)

Possesses a total of 2 million books, magazines, and other items including Andersen's manuscripts written in his own hand. An excellent restaurant with a modern interior called Søren k is also inside the building

Address: Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1

Tel: +45 33 47 47 47




National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst)

Gallery that exhibits domestic and international art from the medieval age up until now.

Address: Sølvgade 48-50

Tel: +45 33 74 84 94





Not only does it offer an abundant selection of daily goods but you can also buy Danish ingredients at the market-type food section in its basement.

Address: Ostergade 52

Tel: +45 33 14 40 02




Statue of The Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue)

"The Little Mermaid"is a representative piece of Denmark's famous author, Andersen. Although mermaids are supposed to be completely fish from the waist below, the statue bears human legs up until the ankles. It is believed that this is because the model of the statue had such beautiful legs, the sculptor felt reluctant to cover her legs with scales.



Ever since the fire of Christiansborg Castle in 1794, this palace has been used as the home of the royal family. Armed guardsmen stand in front of each building and the flag on top of the roof is raised whenever the Queen is in the palace. A traditional changing of the guard can be observed every day at noon.

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Scandinavia was founded in 1775 and mainly used by Denmark's royal family. This store sells products at reduced prices and is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Address: Amagertorv 6

Tel: +45 33 13 71 81

Fax: +45 38 14 99 42




Shopping center located on the waterfront, built alongside restaurants and movie theaters.

Address: Kalvebod brygge 59

Tel: +45 33 36 64 00


Christiansborg Castle (Christiansborg Slot)

The fortress constructed by bishop Absalon in 1167 was reconstructed repeatedly over the years to this current form, which was completed in 1928. The castle is now used as a state guesthouse. Underground ruins of the 12th century fortress and a racing stable, features of the original castle, and other exhibits are open to the public.

Address: Christiansborg Slotsplads

Tel: +45 33 92 64 92


Opened last year, Field's is Scandinavia's largest shopping center. It also contains restaurants, amusement establishments, and other facilities. Enjoy shopping in a Scandinavian-style atmosphere.

Address: Arne Jacobsens Alle 12

Tel: +45 70 20 80 05

Fax: +45 70 20 85 06




The port of Nyhavn was established in combination with the expansion of the urban area in the 17th century. Back then, the hustle and bustle of the arrivals of cargo was everywhere, and the area was very vibrant. It is also famous for being the place that Andersen loved and chose to live in. Currently, it is a sightseeing area with a lot of restaurants.

The Round Tower (Rundetårn)

A cylindrical stone architecture made from red brick that was constructed as an astronomical observatory in 1642 by Christian IV. It is known as the earliest observatory in Europe. It is currently used as an observatory to view over the city of Copenhagen.

Address: Købmagergaden 52A

Tel: +45 33 73 03 73


Royal Theater (Det Kongelige Teater)

A theatre located to the south of Kongens Nytorv, and adjacent to Charlottenborg palace. It is separated into an old stage and new stage, and alternately stages ballets and operas.

Address: Kongens Nytorv

p: +45 33 69 69 69

p: 33 69 69 69 (Mon-Sat 12noon-6pm)



Christian VIII's palæce

One of the four wings of Amalienborg Palace, located on the northern side, which has been opened to the public in 1994 and can be toured. Items that were actually used by the royal family between 1863 and 1947 are exhibited.

Address: Amalienborg Slotsplads

P: +45 33 12 21 86


Antik Pjot

A place to find antiques

Address: Islands Brygge89

Tel: 44 44 80 92



Christiansborg Castle

A part of Copenghagen called Slotholmen that witnessed the founding of Copenhagen after bishop Absalonof Roskilde constructed a fortress in 1167. Since it is surrounded by a trench for protection against enemies and dotted with historical buildings relating to the royal family, the entire area is similar to a vast museum.


Afternoon Castle Tour (Hamlet)

Bus tour of major sightseeing spots north of Copenhagen. Sites include: Fredriksborg’s Castel (National Museum), Fredensborg Castel, where the Queen resides and Kronborg Castle, which is known for providing the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet. A recommended tour for those with little time.

Operation time: January-Wednesday/Sunday 9.30 February to March-Saturday 9.45. April to May-Thurdsday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday 1.30 March to September-Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday 9:30 October to December-Wednesday/Saturday 9:30(returns to Copenhagen Airport at 2.30)

Duration: 5 hours

Fee: 295kr

Georg Jensen

Like the Royal Copenhagen and Illums Bolighus next door, a purveyor to the royal family. Stocks an assortment of elegant and uniquely designed watches, accessories and other goods; including collector's items like Georg Jensen's "art in silver".

Address: Amagertorv 4

Tel: +45 33 11 40 80

Fax: +45 38 14 99 43


DFDS Canal Tours

Tel: +45 32 96 30 00

Fax: +45 32 96 93 50




A store that sells stylish interior goods from around the world, centred around products with Northern European designs.

Address: Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2

Tel: +45 39 16 65 65



City Tour of Copenhagen

Bus tour of sightseeing spots in the city.

Operation time: April 8th to May 14th, October 1st to 15th-Everyday 11.30 May 15th to September-Everyday 9.30, 11.30, 1.30pm

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Fee: 130kr


Assistens Graveyard (Assistens Kirkegård)

Andersen's grave. Others that lived in the same period and were associated with Andersen, such as the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, are also buried in these grounds. Andersen, the grave keeper, will guide you around the cemetery.

Address: Kapelvej 2

Tel: +45 31 39 93 04




Bang & Olu

Company store of Denmark's audio equipment manufacturer that is well-know for its novel designs.

Address: Kgs. Nytorv 26

Tel: +45 33 11 14 15

Fax: +45 11 14 35




NY Calrlsberg Gallery (Glyptotek)

Possesses the works of Monet, Gogh, and other artists.

Address: Dantes Plads 7

Tel: +45 33 41 81 41


Illums Bolighus

An interior specialty department store that is a purveyor to the royal family. Stocks a selection of Danish-designed furniture, kitchenware, foods, and other products. From an assortment of products that range from the eccentric to the functional, you are sure to discover an item that will enhance your daily life. A shop worth seeing for those interested in Northern European interior design.

Address: Amagertorv 10

Tel: +45 33 14 19 41


Castle Tour of North Sjælland

Bus tour of major sightseeing spots north of Copenhagen. Starts with a tour of Kronborg Castle, which is known for providing the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet, then visits Fredensborg Castle, where the Queen resides in the summer, and finally goes to Frederiksborg Castle, which is now the National History Museum. You can also enjoy the landscapes of the rural area and coast. Operation time: February to April October to December (March to April-returns to Copenhagen Airport at 4pm) Wednesday/Sundays 9.30 May to September Wednesdays/Saturdays/Sundays 9.30

Duration: 7 hours

Fee: 430kr (lunch not included)

Hanne Gundelach

This gold smith opened in June of 1997. It has rich and voluminous gold work.

Address: Bredgade 56

Tel: +45 33 11 33 96



Louisiana Museum for Modern Art

This beautiful modern museum is well worth a visit, if you are interested in art and architecture. It is surrounded by lakes and coasts, making the most of its natural environment. Works by Picasso, Munch and other well known modern artists are exhibited here. It is approximately a 30 min train ride north of Copenhagen

Address: Gl. Strandvej 13, Humleb a k 3050

Tel: +45 49 19 07 19


Rosenborg Palace (Rosenborg Slot)

The Palace was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century. The treasure house inside the palace exhibits treasures of the royal family.

Address: Øster Voldgade 4A

Tel: +45 33 15 32 86


Thorvaldsen Museum

Museum that enables you to trace the footsteps of the sculptor, Thorvaldsen.

Address: Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2

Tel: + 45 33 32 15 32


National Museum

Relics from ancient to modern times are exhibited.

Address: Ny Vestergade 10

Tel: +45 33 13 44 11


Grand Tour of Copenhagen

A grand tour of Copenhagen that visits all of the major sightseeing areas. Although it is impossible to view each and every spot, this tour allows visitors to take in a sweeping image of Copenhagen in a short amount of time.

Operation time: Everyday 11am October to April 20th-Everyday 11am, October to December-Everyday 1.30pm

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Fee: 195kr

Tivoli Garden (Tivoli)

An amusement park, adjacent to Copenhagen Central Station. In addition to the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, you can also enjoy the blooming flowers of each season, and the pantomime performances at the Peacock Theatre or fulfilling entertainments at the concert hall. Ten thousand illuminations are set up on the park grounds during the Christmas City, which is held from mid November to December 23rd, and invite its viewers to the world of Christmas.

Address: Vesterbrogade 3

Tel: +45 33 15 10 01



The 6 th city hall to have been constructed, completed in 1905, with a characteristic red brick building and a steeple of 105.6m. Even now, it is a functioning part of the city's government. The inside of the building can be toured and guided tours are also available. Jens Olsen's astronomical clock (Jens Olsens Verdensur) on the right hand side of the entrance is still ticking with the precision of erring only 0.4 seconds every 300 years.

Address: Rådhuset

Tel: +45 33 66 25 82

Guided tour: Mon-Friday to 3pm Saturdays 10-11am Fee: 30kr

H.C. Andersen Afternoon Tour

Tour of areas associated with Andersen from which you can learn about his life.

Operation time: June 15th to August Everyday 3.30

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: 100kr

Sweater Market

Stocks a wide variety of original Northern European sweaters.

Address: Frederiksberggade 15

Tel: +45 33 15 27 73

Fax: +45 33 13 27 74 


The Round Tower district

The distinguishing landmark of Copenhagen's old city region is the cylindrical Round Tower. A stroll through this part of the city is a must, with its medieval features, interesting architectural structures and unique specialty stores. The Rosenborg Palace and National Gallery is also located nearby.

Vikingland Tour

Heads toward Roskilde across a tranquil country road, and tours the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingeskibsmuseet) and the Roskilde Cathedral (Roskilde Domkirke), which bears a beautiful redbrick exterior.

Operation time: April to September 16th, June to October 29th-Tuesday/Sunday 9.45

Duration: 5 hours

Fee: 300kr (lunch not included)

The Royla Danish Opera

The Copenhagen opera house, Operaen, is one of the world’s most modern opera stages.

Address: Ekvipagemestervej 10

p: +45 33 69 69 33 (Monday-Saturday12:00-18:00)

On-line reservations available.


Theater Museum

Open hours Tuesday to Thursday 11am to 3pm Saturdays/Sundays 13:00 to 16:00


H.C.Andersen Eventyrhuset

Museum near the city hall plaza opened in June, 2004. After observing the lifestyles of Odense and Copenhagen in the 1800s at the entrance, you can move on to touring Andersen's childhood, research, poems, places travelled, popular fairytale worlds, and other aspects of his life.

Address: Rådhuspladsen 57

Tel: +45 33 32 31 31



Meet the Danes - Copenhagen Visitor Organizer

This is a program that enables tourists to visit the homes of Danish people and interact with them over a home-cooked meal in their homes. One step through the door will show you the real Denmark which is fascinating for those who wish to interact with local people.


Copenhagen Excursions A/S

Address: Artillerivej 147

Tel: +45 32 54 06 06

Fax: +45 32 57 49 05




Jens Olsen's astronomical clock

Viewable time Monday to Friday 8.30 to 4pm Saturdays 10am to 1pm

Fee: 10kr


Royal Klunkehjem Museum

Has preserved residences from the Victorian period.

Address: Ny Vestergade 10

Tel: +45 33 13 44 11


Denmark Design Center

Teaches the industrial design and general design of Denmark, and bears a gallery in its basement where three types of exhibitions are held on a full-time basis. The cafeteria is also very popular.

Address: H.C.Andersens Blvd. 27

Tel: 33 69 33 69

Fax: 33 69 33 00


The National Radio Symphony Orchestra

The National Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Light Orchestra hold performances at the Radio House Concert Hall, located in the west region of the city. In addition, pop music concerts can be attended at the Circus Hall in the urban district. Recitals from classical music to folk music frequently take place at churches and other areas.

City & Harbour Tour

A city tour followed by a tour around the harbour by boat.

Operation time: April 8th to May 14th, October 1st to 15th-Everyday 9.30 May 15th to September-Everyday 9.30, 11.30, 1.30pm October 16th to December 22th-Everyday 10.15, 11.15, 12.15

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (2 hours 15 minutes from October 16th to December 22th)

Fee: 175kr

Dansk Arkitec Center

Gammel Dok, a canalside warehouse built in 1882, was transformed into this center in 1998 and hosts many exhibitions on urban architecture. Its atmospheric interior includes a bookshop with many architecture and design-related documents, and a café adorned with white-based modern Danish furniture.

Address: Strandgade 27 B, (Christianshavn)

Tel: +45 32 57 19 30



Operas, ballets and theatres are often performed at the grand theatre of the Royal Theatre, which is the home base of the Royal Ballet. In addition, ballet performances can be taken in every day at the Pantomime theatre during the open period of Tivoli Garden. Plays are mostly performed in the Royal Theatre.


Gefion Foutain (Gefion springvandet)

A fountain with a statue of Gefion, a goddess striking a bull with a whip, located approximately 500m north of Amalienborg Palace. This area is also known to be a perfect place for walks as you can enjoy both greenery and the port, with the statue of The Little Mermaid along the shore up north, and the Kastellet in its rear.

House of Amber / Copenhagen Amber Museum

Copenhagen Amber Museum shop. The building is one of Copenhagen's earliest constructions and was built on the corner of the entrance to Nyhavn in 1606. Here you can find beautiful amber accessories. Amber is known as the "gold of Northern Europe.” At the museum, you can see artefacts created from gold, silver, diamonds, and amber collections from Denmark and around the world.

Address: Kongens Nytorv 2

Tel: +45 33 11 67 00



H.C. Andersen Odense Tour

A thorough tour of Andersen's place of birth, Odense in Fyn. You will be able to tour a museum that exhibits mementos of the great author, and stroll through the city. The Storebelt Channel Bridge that connects Sjælland and Fyn is also worth seeing.

Operation time: July 15th to September 15th-Thurdsday 10am

Duration: 8 hours

Fee: 475kr

Underground Castle Ruins

Open hours May to September everyday, October to April Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm Closing days October to April and Mondays Admission fee 30kr (25kr for groups with 10 or more persons)

City Hall

There is a spacious plaza in front of the city hall where citizens and tourists gather. On the southwest corner is the Central Station (Hoved-banegård) and Tivoli Garden, and on its northeast opens up to the old city where the shopping street, Strøget, is located. Since this area is also the arrival and departure site for many bus tours, it is convenient for a sightseeing base point.

Industrial Art Museum (Kunstindustrimuseet)

With rococo-toned architecture, the building was constructed in the 18th century as Fredericks Royal Hospital. The museum features various craftwork in a spacious area surrounding the courtyard. Trace the evolution of Danish craftwork.

Address: Bredgade 68

p: +45 33 18 56 56