Places to Stay


Places to Stay

Adina Apartment Hotel

Experience the delights of Copenhagen from Adina Apartment Hotels, superbly located in Copenhagen's fast growing Nordhavn area.

This Adina Apartment Hotel is the largest apartment hotel in Copenhagen, with 128 apartments, as well as a restaurant, pool, gymnasium, meeting rooms and parking. The apartments feature separate dining and living areas, full kitchens and laundries as well as separate luxury bathrooms and bedrooms. State of the art facilities including broadband, high quality TV and stereo systems are also on offer in each apartment.



Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

An 18th century chateau for the nobility with a stone structure that commemorates the lives of the bourgeois of the past. All guest rooms are of different sizes, and bear distinct furnishings and interiors.

Address: Kongens Nytorv 34

Tel: 33 12 00 95

Fax: 33 12 11 18


123 room


Arp-Hansen Hotel Group

Copenhagen's hotel group. Currently, nine hotels within the city centre and suburbs are affiliated with this group.


First Hotel Vesterbro

A high-class hotel with a bright and modern interior. Since it is located in the centre of the city, a few minutes walk from the Central Station, it is highly convenient for tourists and business travellers.

Address: Vesterbrogade 23-29

Tel: 33 78 80 00

Fax: 33 78 80 80


Copenhagen Hotel

There are also a number of design hotels in Copenhagen. Denmark's master designer Arne Jacobsen's "Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen, " and the novel Scandinavian design of "Hotel Skt Petri"are hotels that are worth seeing.


Phoenix Copenhagen Hotel

Address: Bredgade 37

Tel: +45 33 95 95 00

Fax: +45 33 33 98 33


213 room


Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel

A modern high-rise building near the old city, south of the downtown area. Its main characteristic is its extensive space and bright, modern build, from its reception desk to its rooms. You can enjoy a city view over a meal at the restaurant on the 25th floor. The hotel has a sauna, pool, squash court, and other facilities. It is also known to be the only place in Copenhagen with a sanctioned casino.

Address: Amager Boulevard 70

Tel: 33 96 50 00

Fax: 33 96 55 00



Radisson SAS Falkoner Hotel

A high-class hotel, approximately 2km west of the city centre. Since it is located in a residential area, the neighbourhood is relatively quiet, which means that you are able to get a glimpse of the normal everyday life of Copenhagen. The city centre is 15 minutes away by bus.

Address: Falkoner Allé 9

Tel: 38 15 80 01

Fax: 31 15 80 02



Scandic Hotel Copenhagen

An 18-story modern construction that looks over Skt. Jørgens Sølake. Its bright and clean guest rooms bear a traditional and relaxing interior. This is a very international hotel.

Address: Vester Søgade 6

Tel: 33 14 35 35

Fax: 33 32 12 23 

486 room


71 Nyhavn Hotel

Address: Nyhavn 71

Tel: +45 33 43 62 00

Fax: +45 33 43 62 01 71

150 room


Scandic Hotel Hvidovre

Located approximately 8km west of the city centre along Route 21, this hotel is convenient for guests with cars.

Address: Kattevej 4

Tel: 36 86 04 00

Fax: 36 49 81 70



Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

A 20-story high-class hotel of modern architecture, known as a landmark of the urban area. This hotel is the work of Denmark's master designer, Arne Jacobsen, and is recommended to those who are interested in northern European design. In particular, room 606, is the only room in which his design has been preserved without modification, and is open to spectators when it is not is use. The view from the observatory restaurant on the top floor cannot be missed.

Address: Hammerichsgade 1

Tel: 38 15 65 00

Fax: 33 42 63 00



Hotel Sankt Petri

A five-star high-class hotel that opened in 2003. Converted from a department store, this hotel features a beautiful lobby and room interiors that have adopted Scandinavian design and a large-scale conference room. The "Round Tower"is located near the hotel.

Address: Krystalgade 22

Tel: +45 3345 9100

Fax: +45 3345 9110



Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel

A high-class hotel adjacent to the airport that has adopted Northern European design in its lighting and interior. In particular, its atrium, located 45m above the ground, is a masterpiece. Even its small rooms are 33m sq. in size, providing enough space to kick back and relax.

Address: Ellehammersvej 20

Tel: 32 50 15 01

Fax: 32 52 85 28


***** ***********

The Square Hotel

Address: Rådhuspladesen 14

Tel: +45 33 38 12 00

Fax: +45 33 38 12 01



Imperial Hotel

A high class hotel in a convenient location near Tivoli Park, Central Station, and Stroget, affiliated with the Arp-Hansen Hotels group. Not only are all airline companies located in its periphery, but the building attached to the hotel also houses a movie theatre. The French cuisine served in the Imperial Garden is also very popular. 328 bed

Address: Vester Farimagsgade 9

T:33 12 80 00

Fax: 33 12 80 31