Sights & Attractions


Sights & Attractions

Ski in Åre

Åre village lies in central Sweden and is made up of three ski areas; Björnen, Åre By (Åre Village) and Duved. Åre hosted the Alpine World Championship in February 2007.

Lifts: 40

Slopes: 103

Longest slope: 6.5 km

Access: 1.5 hour by plane and 8 hours by train from Stockholm




Visby, a town with a touch of the Middle Ages in Hansa city. Visby is the port town in the centre of the island. The town grew as an important trading point for the Hansa alliance during the middle ages and the castle walls and rows of houses are still preserved today. In 1995 it was registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. The castle walls surrounding the city are 11m high and 3.5km long. Within the castle walls there are churches remains and buildings from the Hansa alliance. Every year during the first week of August there is an event called the "middle-ages week" where the whole town transforms back into the middle ages



300km west of Stockholm, an area near the borders of Norway. Nobel prize winner Selma Lagerlof, the author of "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils", loved this land and spent most of her life here in Mårbacka. Also Nobel and Karlstad lived in a manor nearby.


Domkyrkan cathedral

A cathedral built in 1730 by Christian Haller. It is one of the few buildings to have survived the great fire of 1865

Address: Lagberget, Tingvallastaden

Tel: +46 8 54 14 14 00 5.

Leksand culture museum

Leksand is been introduced thought exhibits of national paintings, costumes and slide shows of this district. The museum also has a library.

Address: Kyrkallen, Box 303

Tel: +46 247 80 245

Fax: +46 247 12 940


Open hours: Tuesday to Friday11:00 to 16:00 Saturday11:00 to 14:00 June 26th to August 14th Sunday to 4pm. June 27th to August 12th Monday to Friday11am to 5pm July2 Sunday to August 13th Saturday11:00 to 4pm

Closing days: Monday (except June 26th to August 14th)

Entrance fee: 20Kr (Summer only)

Värmlands Museum

The museum consists of the old museum built in 1929 and the new museum in 1998. The old museum is always open to the public and introduces the history of the Värmland District from the ice age up until now. The new museum is for special exhibits and hosts workshops and lectures.

Address: Sandgrundsudden Box 335, S-651 08 Karlstad

Tel: +46 8 54-14 31 00

Fax: +46 8 54-14 31 98




A town with a population of 11, 000 people and located on the east coast of the Siljan Lake. Famous for hosing the World Folkdance/Folkmusic festival "Rattvikdansen".

Falun Koppargruva

Sightseeing of the workroom is possible by going down 55m by elevator through the coal shaft. There is also a museum.

Address: Kopparberget

Tel: +46 23 78 20 30 Fax: +46 23 78 20 43



Established in 1342, this town is the centre of the Crystal Kingdom. There is an immigration museum showing records of the 1.2 million Swedish people who left for the United States between 1850 and 1930.


The Smaland Museum

The Småland Museum, designed to display the history and culture of the Småland District, has a glass museum and it introduces the historical background and the features of each of the glass factories. There is also an immigration museum showing the hopes and dreams of the people who left for America in the 19th century.


A sport city abundant in radiant sunshine. North of the Vänern lake, a city located between Stockholm and Oslo. It is abundant in lakes, rivers, greenery and sunshine, especially since this is the city's symbol. Karlstad is known as a city of sports and activities. Boat and canoe sailing on the lakes and rivers, fishing, cycling, hiking, horse riding and many other sports are enjoyed daily here, and courses and facilities are abundant. The people are very enthusiastic about supporting sports too; especially the first stage of the bicycle race "Sweden Rally" that is held in the Varmland District and that attracts many fans.



Mora, located on the northern shore of the Siljan Lake, is the central town of Darlana. The men of Mora in 1520 answered the call of King Gustav Vasa to fight the war of Denmark. To commemorate this, a cross-country ski competition known as the "Vasa Loppet"is held here every winter.



The Dalarna district, located in the centre of Sweden, has a beautiful natural environment with lakes and rich forests and is also protected by Sweden's old tradition. The traditional summer festival is especially celebrated widely here. The area has its own special products and is very active in the art and crafts, which produces such artefacts as the “Dalarna horse”. The world famous painter Carl Larssonsgården is also from this district.

Siljan tourist information centre

Address: Storgatan 17 B, 795 30 Rattvik

Tel: +46 248 79 72 00

Fax: +46 248 79 72 21



Zornmuseet museuem / Zorngarden mansion

Famous for his healthy women portraits, Swedish painter Anderz Zorn's water colour paintings, etchings and oil paintings are on display here Beside the museum is Zorn's mansion which is open for public view.

Address: Vasagatan 36, 79221 Mora

Tel: +46 250-59 23 10

Fax: +46 250-59 23 10



The Nobel Museum in Karlskoga

The Alfred Nobel museum in Karlskoga is on the outskirts of Karlstad. The house where he spent the latter part of his life is also located here, and you can view his research work.

Address: 691 33 Karlskoga

Tel: +46 586 834 94

Fax: +46 586 352 20




Population of 15, 000 people. Every year in June, people wearing national costumes gather here at the summer festival.


Santa (Tomteland)

A large park spread over 110, 000 hectares, located 20 minutes drive from Mora. Santa's house is located inside the park, where you can view his everyday life and have a taste of a Christmas season dinner.

Address: Gesundaberget, 79290 Mora

Tel: +46 250 28770

Fax: +46 250 28777




A park displaying the historical buildings of the Varmland District. Apart from the exhibitions of interesting structures of windmills and water wills, inside the park there is a small zoo and a tower for bird watching. The walking paths are well maintained.

Address: 651 84 Karlstad

Tel: +46 54-29 69 90

Fax: +46 54-29 69 95


Leksands Hembygdsgardar

An open-air museum exhibiting wood structures of every century. Guided tours available.

Address: Kyrkallen, Box 303

Tel: +46 73 566 80 21

Fax: +46 247 10 656


Open hours: June 22nd to August 7th 12:00 to 16:00 Closing days: August 8th to June21st

Entrance fee: 20kr