The Copenhagen guide compiles the best of the Danish capital to make the most of an escape from several days. If you visit all the essential points of interest in the city, restaurants in each neighborhood are recommended, for all the bags and specially selected for this guide, and the main events that take place in the city are listed. The guide proposes four detailed routes and marked on maps so that nothing important is lost, and all updated in 2020 and accompanied by maps, photographs and practical information (times, prices, webs ...).

Embark for the hygge capital! Discover slots spel a cuisine marked by friendliness and a love of good products. Between family food with ancestral influences, inherited from the Vikings, and the modernity of fusion food, it is the whole Danish art of living that is revealed.

Christmas cookies, smørrebrød, gravad laks salmon, elderflower fritters… treat yourself to more than 60 specialties straight from Denmark's harsh winters and bright summers.

Strong personality and a jovial and cheerful spirit are characteristic of the nearly 1.5 million inhabitants who live in the city of Copenhagen and its metropolitan area. A strong social sense is ingrained in the local population and there is one of the highest rates of equal employment and professional opportunities without distinction of sex. In Copenhagen, a flat city on the edge of the sea, crossed by canals, there are many architectural and naval icons, the bicycles on which many of its inhabitants move, the cobblestones of its streets, the shops of Scandinavian design objects, the beer quality and a good number of gastronomic delights of food extracted from the sea, without neglecting meats, sausages and cheeses.

Copenhagen is located on the east coast of the island of Seelandia. Its meaning is "the bay of merchants", and it owes its name both to its port activity and, due to its central location in northern Europe, to having been an important center of commerce.

Copenhagen is a city of contrasts that combines historic buildings, set in medieval streets, with designer architecture and new construction. It is considered one of the greenest capitals in Europe. It enjoys a historic center, mostly pedestrianized, and where it is worth getting lost in its streets full of charm. Perhaps, for the tourist accustomed to reading and studying travel guides, the structure of this book will surprise you, even make you uncomfortable because it does not adapt to established standards. But it is my duty to encourage each and every one of them to continue reading because I am convinced that in the end they will find meaning in that "other" vision offered here.

Copenhagen, capital of civilized Denmark, is a beautiful, well-planned, medium-sized city, graced with a number of interesting and colorful monuments, museums and classical buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries, or modernist and recent decades. . Copenhagen vibrates during the day almost like a crowded southern European city, with thousands of tourists and Danes strolling through Strøget, the main shopping street, and, in good weather, also at night, when the terraces, bars and restaurants are they fill with customers. In addition to its undoubted cultural offer, with its jazz clubs or live rock bands, avant-garde exhibitions or classical music concerts and opera or theater shows, Casino på nätet in recent years it has also hosted some of the best restaurants in Europe, or even the world. Also famous for its exclusive shops for fashion, design or the best porcelain in the West, the capital of Denmark brings together all the ingredients for an interesting and fun weekend destination. is a practical, comfortable and basic guide to know the essentials of the most important cities in the world.

Denmark's romantic capital is divided into six major maps in the "Copenhagen Step by Step Guide". There are more than 150 attractions for you to choose what to see during your visit. With useful and exclusive information for Brazilian tourists, it brings tips on how to call Brazil, the main holidays in the city, what are the Danish eating habits, what is the average price of each dish in restaurants and the opening hours of the main attractions , banks and shops. For those who like nightlife, Copenhagen has interesting options for cultural programs, free or not, like theaters and nightclubs. With a high population density, the city of Copenhagen is a quiet, peaceful capital, free from the hectic pace of other European metropolises. Traditions have left a large margin for modernity, and the design and architecture of the last sigil on the pillars on which their current image is based. This guide for an express jeux casino en ligne trip offers the most concise and practical information about Copenhagen divided into five sections: The essentials, Practical facts, Visiting the city and the surrounding area, Sleeping, eating and the night and, finally, the context, a brief approximation the society, history and culture of the danish capital. A detachable plane is included to move around the city and night.

Copenhagen: before and after presents an overview of the World Summit on Climate, one of the most important events on the theme ever held. Sergio Abranches combines sociology and journalism to analyze this historic event, with its antecedents and consequences. The author also evaluates the facts and reveals the backstage of this meeting that attracted the world's attention to Denmark in late 2009. The “Climagate” and the surprise meeting between the presidents of the USA and China are covered in the book. Abranches' analysis encourages reflection on the success or failure of this crucial event for the maintenance of the global environment and for the very destiny of humanity. The author shows how the decisions of the climate summit had the strength to determine the direction of societies and directly influenced the lives of all. “What led me to write this book was that turning point in 2009, when all the preliminaries had already taken place. It was time to know if the government would be able to make the decisions that were crystallizing, historically and scientifically, as necessary and urgent. Decisions that will define the direction of the entire century, in the economy, in society, in the use of technology, in the ways of life, in the geographical distribution of populations ”. The author highlights the historical importance of the event, which brought together tens of thousands of activists in Denmark, hundreds of journalists and more than 100 heads of government and state, including the leaders of the main world powers. The author encourages parhaat nettikasinot reflection on the direction of public policies for the climate.

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